What does i-parley do?  

Simply put it is quite simple!  i-parley is about your desires, wants and needs. It is about retaining a larger proportion of your earnings for the morrow. It is about stretching your greenback or your rupiah. It is about your big-ticket and lifetime asset purchases. Importantly, it is about making you a smart, hard-nosed business person! The portal enables consumers or you, and you and you - all individuals, Professio...

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How does i-parley benefit me?

As a Consumer i-parley transforms you, the individual (or Professional, Self-employed or SB&O) into a powerful high volume institutional purchaser commanding the respect of the manufacturers, providers and builders, resulting in their lowest or best pricing for you. i-parley does not take away the thrill of an in-person purchasing process, it enhances the experience while enabling sizable price red...

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How does it work and what’s the value add?

If you are a Consumer (a buyer)

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