Experience i-parley and you would never, ever want to shop for real estate, automobiles or expensive life conveniences any other way!

Are you in the market for an apartment, a row house, a villa, a plot of land or a car, a SUV or other high-value products or services? Wait, don’t go it alone, there’s much to be saved by teaming up the i-parley way. We are sure you are a good negotiator and can strike deals for any of these major asset or lifestyle purchases. But just imagine a situation where you are negotiating for 10, 15, 20 or even 50 of these products instead of just one! You would be negotiating in multiples, involving millions just as large organizations do when they buy in bulk. You would indeed become a more empowered negotiator, and you can strike a much, much better deal and secure better terms, and in the process benefit greatly. i-parley will ensure you (and your group) have all the support you need during the entire process, and being online you can do most of it at your own time and convenience.

We invite you to benefit from the value i-parley is creating for individual, retail consumers. Become a member by clicking on Registration and signing up. Share your buying interests by completing your profile, search deals of interest to you and Join an on going group deal launched by another consumer like you or a deal sponsored by a merchant member or a deal sponsored by i-parley in association with a merchant. Or what could be better, if none of the existing deals meet your needs, launch your own new group / deal by filling up the Launch a Group form. i-parley will help you amplify your reach! So go ahead and launch the group, sound the horn and invite people to join your savings caravan. I-parley keeps it simple and quick.


As a Consumer you would enjoy:

  • Lowest or best prices for the product, property or service
  • Better terms from merchants, builders, traders or dealers
  • Launching of own deals if an ongoing deal does not suit you
  • Tangible, institutional-sized savings
  • Optional escrow services for risk free payments
  • Access to all records, Alert messages for any changes
  • Excellent platform to negotiate options,
  • Start to Finish assistance of i-parley team

Explore the opportunities and you would surely strike an enriching deal! Acquire the same asset at a significantly lesser cost and better terms by leveraging the power of the members of i-parley. Don’t go it alone, leverage the power in numbers, even as you retain your individuality. What’s more i-parley does not take anything away from the extremely personal nature of these purchases, instead it enhances the buying experience while affording you significantly greater savings than you could have obtained. Collaborate, Aggregate and Negotiate  - a simple mantra that can put a large sum of back into your hands. Secure the savings and better terms that result from being a high / large volume purchaser. I-parley exists to help you save big, big bucks!

Educate yourself by researching products, life assets such as homes or life conveniences such as automobiles, high end electronics or appliances or services in regard to their current best pricing, customer reviews, ratings, availability and the possibility of securing a good deal. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) closely follow market trends, poll prices, aggregate customer feedback, provide product and seller ratings, product and industry related information, easy and secure payment methods, industry-wise typical contractual obligations and terms. SMEs are available for consultation and to guide to your pot of savings! You can write to them at, call support or chat.

We are confident you will want to come back for fulfillment of all your high-value desires and needs. Don’t forget your friends and family, invite them to share in the savings bonanza. And let i-parley help everyone to ‘Spend Wisely, Save More’.

Call or email us at or simply chat and we will be happy to show case the value i-parley can create for you.