At i-parley we strongly believe sharing, working together and creating a win-win solution is the most efficient way to add value to our consumers and thus grow. Instead of creating in-house capacity to deliver all services that may be required by our consumers or merchants, we think we can create better, more efficient and effective service offerings by associating with established and recognized providers. We invite providers of services to the Real Estate, Automobile and Home Interior's segments to check out i-parley's business model and explore the opportunities to collaborate and/or the possibility of complimenting i-parley's service offerings as add-ons.

Service Providers – you can benefit by associating with us. You may have a service to offer that ties in well with our business offerings and we would be happy to talk to you to see how we could integrate it with our own services and create a win-win for all participants – yourselves, the consumers and i-parley.

Builders, Dealers, OEMs or Merchants – you can participate in the i-parley sponsored special sales events, or use our platform to organize a special or fiscal year end sales, qualify and invite members to the sale and benefit by such targeted selling. This is apart from bidding for business or responding to invitation to bid by consumer buying groups, or sponsoring of your own group deals in the usual course. Check out the Merchants and About Us pages for more information on membership and benefits.

For Associating with us connect at or chat with support or call us on +91-80-41119099