What does i-parley do?  

Simply put it is quite simple!  i-parley is about your desires, wants and needs. It is about retaining a larger proportion of your earnings for the morrow. It is about stretching your greenback or your rupiah. It is about your big-ticket and lifetime asset purchases. Importantly, it is about making you a smart, hard-nosed business person! The portal enables consumers or you, and you and you - all individuals, Professionals, or Small Businesses & Organizations (SB&Os) who may or may not know each other, to come together for specific purchases and transform yourselves into powerful virtual entities with time driven purchasing goals, while enjoying pricing and terms available only to large organizations or high volume buyers. i-parley enables, empowers and enriches all!

Most dictionaries commonly describe the word ‘parley’ as  ‘a discussion or conference’. i-parley indeed facilitates discussion and conferences, collaboration and negotiations, between you and your friends & acquaintances and even total strangers but all with a common goal of obtaining the best terms for a product or service.  And between people, SB&Os and the providers, producers or builders. i-parley provides a technology-enabled, process driven platform for aggregation of buying intent; for collaboration in arriving at a common, specific ‘want’ and for informed discussions and negotiations with providers, producers, builders. Come lets Collaborate, Aggregate and Negotiate! Yes, we CAN indeed secure tremendous benefits!!

How does i-parley benefit me?

As a Consumer i-parley transforms you, the individual (or Professional, Self-employed or SB&O) into a powerful high volume institutional purchaser commanding the respect of the manufacturers, providers and builders, resulting in their lowest or best pricing for you. i-parley does not take away the thrill of an in-person purchasing process, it enhances the experience while enabling sizable price reduction and better terms. i-parley effectively helps you realize the ‘Power of One’. It is a win all the way! Come and experience it. You would never again want to acquire your desires or needs, especially your car, home or other major expensive assets, electronics or high-end appliances in any other way!

The ‘i’  in i-parley refers to you, your interests and the Internet that is facilitating you in morphing into an influential buyer sought after by the sellers. All you need to do is collaborate with people who have similar buying interests and agree on a common need, aggregate and confirm the demand, invite sellers to bid on your business and negotiate hard. i-parley facilitates the entire process making it seamless, secure and risk free through use of appropriate processes and technology, data encryption where required, and escrow accounts. It helps you obtain tangible benefits you never thought possible.

All discussions between members, between members and merchants, bidding and negotiation and the agreements shall be securely stored and available only to group members. To ensure a consumer member’s privacy, the member’s id would be validated upon registration and thereafter the member can chose an login id to represent the consumer member in all transactions.

To a Merchant Member i-parley provides a qualified and ‘funneled’ sales channel with its attendant advantages of higher sale volume & revenues, realistic revenue forecasting, better sales inventory management, contract adherence and predictable payments as agreed.

Merchants shall have access to RFP, RFQs, Bids, POs,  Agreements or Contracts, member feedback, required member data and  member payments.

All merchants shall be required to disclose their identity fully including their PAN # and be represented by their authorized representatives, and under the Member’s legal, registered names and brand names.

How does it work and what’s the value add?

If you are a Consumer (a Retail Purchaser)

Become a member by completing the member  Registration. Share your buying interests.  Join an on going deal launched by another client member or consumer, or a deal sponsored by a merchant member or participate in a volume deal co-sponsored by i-parley.  A simple, quick 2-step joining process of review deal and join.

If the deals are not of interest to you,  Launch your own new group /deal. i-parley will help you structure the deal and:

  • amplify your reach! 
  • identify potential, interested members and form the group.
  • start discussions with members
  • capture the discussions amongst group members & with merchant. 

i-parley Categpry SMEs are available for consultation on the product or service you wish to buy. The whole process is again easy and fast, and involves a 3-step process of completeng the launch form, review and confirm launch!

In summary i-parley offers assistance in formation of the group, to identify and invite interested members or non-members to join; with requests for quotes and bidding, negotiations and finalization of price and terms. So go ahead and launch the group, sound the horn and invite people to join your caravan! 

Explore the opportunities and you would surely strike an enriching deal! Acquire the asset you desire at a significantly lesser cost, by leveraging the strength of the members of i-parley. Don’t go it alone, leverage the power in numbers, even as you retain your individuality. Secure the savings and better terms that result from being a high / large volume purchaser.

Educate yourself by researching products, life assets such as homes or services in regard to their current best pricing, customer reviews, ratings, availability and the possibility of securing a good deal. We poll prices and aggregate customer feedback, provide product and seller ratings, information and payment methods, contractual obligations & typical terms.

Consult with our Category SMEs and they will assist, advice and help with all aspects of the process from identifying the specific product, home or service to joining or forming a group, agreeing on product specifications or options, negotiations and closure. i-parley team is here to ensure you have a profitable and pleasant experience!

If you are a Merchant 

Become a  member.  Bid on an on-going group deal launched by client member Or expand your sales channels. All needed is bid form completion and confirm submission.

Or go ahead and  Sponsor a volume group deal in a 3-step process of sponsor form completion, review and sponsor confirmation. Blow the horn and invite interested people to take advantage of your offer. Or talk to i-­parley about co-­sponsoring a volume deal.

Research your buying group profile, their buying history, orders & commitments, payment history and feedback. Check buying groups, bid on deals or sponsor your own Deal.

Explore new ways of selling with i-­parley and you shall surely strike many a deal!