Ride i-parley to success with higher-volume sales, lower cost of sale, better revenues and lower inventory!

How would you like to close a single deal for 25, 30 or even 50 apartments in your up-coming property development? Or 5, 10, 15, 20 villas in a single deal? Or a similar number of modular kichens or if you are automobile OEM or dealer close a deal for 10, 15, 20 cars, Vans or SUV or MPVs? Yes it is all possible with i-parley. We are applying a proven concept, a win-win philosphy and innovative ways in the acquisition of these high priced assets to drive enhanced value for the consumers or buyers and the merchants or sellers. As may be apparent form a quick review i-parley has two critical constituents – Consumers or buyers and Merchants or sellers.  At i-parley the word ‘Merchant’ refers to all sellers, be they Builders, OEMs, manufacturers, Real Estate Agencies, Dealers, Traders or Service Providers.

i-parley is an exiting new sales channel, a highly focused platform for high volume sales of lifetime assets such as apartments, row houses, villas, land and commercial real estate and related services; for sale of life conveniences such as automobiles, high-end electronics and appliances and high value services such as execution of turnkey Interiors and Modular Kitchens contracts. A peek into our value add story and structuring of deals could help you appreciate how i-parley could add speed to your growth story. Explore newer ways of selling with i-parley and you could strike many a deal! 

To help you move fast we keep it simple and quick. Bid on an going Group Deal launched by client member or expand your sales channels by sponsoring a volume group deal, blow the horn and invite interested people to take advantage of your offer. You can also talk to i-parley about co-sponsoring a volume deal, year-end sales or inventory clearance sale. Register your company, complete your company products and/or service profile, provide company registration #, PAN # and nominate an authorized representative to operate the account.













To a Merchant i-parley offers:           

  • Targeted, ‘funneled’ sales channel
  • Predictable sales volumes and revenues
  • Platform to sell options  
  • Submission of bids or sponsoring of own deals 
  • Higher revenue per sale
  • Lower cost-of-sale
  • Assured payments, contract adherence
  • Access to relevant discussions, agreements
  • Automated alerts for any changes 
  • Bid to Contract assistance of i-parley team

The i-parley team invites you to experience i-parley and believes you will soon incorporate it as critical component of your sales and marketing strategy / effort. As you continue to explore the website and the value proposition you will notice i-parley offers many advantages, from lower cost of sale to targeted sale campaigns, from higher volumes per sale to higher revenues per sale. From a marketing standpoint you have an opportunity to better know your customer by researching your buying group profile, their buying history, orders & commitments, payment history and feedback – valuable insights of the consumer’s buying behavior.  Consistent and lasting value can only be derived from a true win-win relationship and at i-parley we have fully adopted a win-win philosphy that ensures all parties receive significant value form all their engagements. Come, join us as merchant member at i-parley and it could be one of your best decisions. 

Talk to us on +91-9972631517 or email us at or chat and we'll be happy to showcase how i-parley could benefit you.